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What should you do if you want to create your own brand of cosmetics, skin care products or look for an OEM manufacturer?

Do you have a strong interest in cosmetics and skin care products? Are you eager for creating your own brand but not knowing what to do?

Let a social media manager from a cosmetic manufacturer to share with you about the process from finding a perfect OEM factory to make the samples and the mass production.


Branding and Product Category

There is a wide variety of cosmetics and skin care brands. There are thousands of different cosmetic products on the market, too. For the newly created brands, you must have a clear brand positioning and marketing strategy in order to be outstanding. For example, the products you are going to launch can be eco-friendly cosmetics, mineral makeups or naturally-inspired skin care products. All of these products are the fashion trends in the recent years.


As you might only have limited budget and not familiar with the market at the beginning, it is strongly recommend that you just start with 1~2 items for development. And in the meantime, you also have to target your price range. Generally, it can be roughly classified into two kinds of prices. One is the price of drugstore brands, and the other is the price of high end brands. Moreover, it is important for you to know what you budge is for each unit. By doing so, the factory can offer you the formula that truly meets your budget.


What about if you have no idea about cosmetics and skin care products at all?

You may try to find a similar product which meets your preference first, and then send it to a manufacturer for making a counter sample. Certainly, you will have to ask them for a rough quotation in advance. For example, if you want to make a matte lipstick, you may try to get some products from the drugstore or online shop for reference on the packing, packaging, texture and colors of the formula. Or you may even ask the manufacturer to quote you the price based on the combination you like, such as packaging from brand A, texture from brand B and color from brand C.


Business Registration

You can apply it by yourself or ask an accountancy firm to do it for you. It might greatly save time if you just ask a professional to do the registration for you. A business ID is necessary when it comes to set up your own website for your brand, sell your products on the real shop channels or on online shops, and sign contracts with logistics and payment flow companies.


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