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Finding a Suitable Manufacturer

Perfect cosmetics and skin care products usually include the packing, packaging, accessories and formula, etc. And for the packing, it includes the color box, label and shrink wrap. Generally, they are offered by individual factory. Such as the color box and the label will be provided by the printing company, the packaging will be offered by the injection factory, and the formula will be offered by the cosmetics manufacturer. However, as the request from clients, many cosmetics manufacturers nowadays offer one-stop service. They not only have long-term business relationship with those related suppliers, but also have rich purchasing experience. You will not have to consult with so many suppliers at the same time, you can have your perfect finished product more efficiently.


Regarding the formula, each factory produces different items and the products they are specialized in are also different. It is better for you to select the factory based on the items they make. In addition, different countries have different regulations and laws on cosmetics. If your brand is going to be exported to other countries, do not forget to communicate with the factory in advance to prepare a legal formula in accordance with the country’s cosmetic standards


Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Since cosmetics are composed of many parts, there is always a minimum order quantity (MOQ) on each parts due to the consideration of labor cost, raw material cost and the losses occur during the production. And for those parts, they are such as color box, label, packaging and formula. The process of making the packaging is relatively more complicated than other parts, thus, the MOQ is usually the highest. It even has to be about thousands of or tens of thousands pieces if you want to have your own logo on the packaging except for those public ones. Therefore, it is very important for you to know the MOQ beforehand so that you can choose the corresponding style according to your budget and marketing capability. If it is really not possible for you to reach such a large quantity at the initial stage, you can try to discuss with the OEM factory to see how to reduce the MOQ. For example, you can just use the public version packaging instead of the custom ones. Or you may also just use stickers instead of logo printing. Certainly, there are some more other ways to lower the MOQ. It is case by case.




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