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It often happens that cosmetics and creams become unused before the manufacturer expires. The cream of the face gets unpleasant smell, the masks are taking bugs, and continuous lipstick, which literally flows from the lips. This occurs as a result of improper storage or use of cosmetics.

Teaching manual


Do not store cosmetic products in the bathroom. The moistness in this room is too high. In addition, the continuous change in temperature and light levels has a negative impact on the composition of makeup.


Most cosmetics cannot be stored in the refrigerama. By the way, many women make this mistake, considering the ref is the best place for cream. In fact, this storage method is only suitable for oxygen cream.


A fine “home” for cosmetics is a dry, dark place, away from the window and the battery.


When using the cream in a glass jar, don’t take it to your fingers; the special spatula for applying creams is best for these purposes. Otherwise, you will certainly take part of the skin cream, skin fat and other things that instantly do not make the cream.


Debris and cover from various cosmetic accessories should be cleaned properly after each intake, removing the remaining dried and oxidized cosmetic


Do not mix the lips with different makeup, even if, in your opinion, they are both. You may not know the nuances of the composition, features of the next production line and more. The result of such a mix would be a glossy product or a reaction allergy.


Make sure to tightly cover the cosmetic product. This simple manipulation will save it from the dust and not allow unreasonable screaming.


Don’t forget to regularly wash the brush to apply colour, eye shadow, powder and redness, sponge and sponge. It is necessary to prevent the growth of bacteria that not only destroy makeup, but also have a very negative effect on the condition of your skin.


Mascara, despite its expiration date, changes every three months, because this product is the most common source of allergic reactions. Don’t slobber a brush.




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