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Each girl wants to look great in other people’s eyes, which all, until her makeup, should be perfect – eyelashes, skin, eyelashes, and, of course, lips.


If we’re talking about textures, now you’ll notice the demand for matte lipstick – on the Internet, in the covers of magazines, and in fashion shows, the lips are decorated with a pressed finishing matte, or a wet, as they say, effect of satin. Lipstick is really expensive. Of course, don’t forget to apply a great lip balm with oils in front of matte lipstick (especially the liquid), because the texture of matte and satin does not allow the undetected lip.

Avoid thin lipstick with lots of pearl mothers and glitter this summer. First, such textures have long been abandoned in favor of calmers before, and second, sometimes such lipstick looks cheap and even bulging, if the shade is not chosen correctly. Therefore, beware of flashy, lips shining on the light, if you want to pass for a stylish and stylish girl.

If we’re talking about colour, then throw the fashion from extreme to intense. Now the beauty industry is caught up in natural beauty, which means calm, low-key tones that are literally slightly brighter than your natural lip colour is in fashion. Welcome to beige, dirty roses, pastel pink and peach tone. They are the main cosmetic trend in general. Well, if you go to an event at night, and the naked colors aren’t enough to emphasize your appearance at night, then pay attention to the cold dark cherry, plum tones that make a queen from any girl.


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