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Each woman needs makeup, and it doesn’t matter if many of her or few tubes of lipstick. The main thing is that it should be properly stored so that it can serve, and the skin cannot be damaged. Even if the expiration date has not yet passed, the cosmetics, if stored incorrectly, can cause substantial damage, therefore require knowledge of many very important secrets.


The powder serves for a long time – two years, and is stored only at room temperature.

The foundation fears the light and worsens from excessive moison. Once it is used in the refrigerab, it will not lose its possessions after 12 months. Tonal-based products are likely to get worse.


Typically, products provided for skin care are suitable for six to twelve months, and their place is on the refrigerator door. Experts say the creams can endure temperatures typically 5 to 25 degrees. If the cream is stored at lower temperatures, they can be very tough, and if their texture is liquid emulation, a reaction occurs, as a result of which crystallizes water, which means the cream will be desperation. If the temperature is above 25 degrees, the cream can weaken the excess, and again, its structure will break. To bring the cream of real benefits, you must immediately familiar with the storage rules when purchased. Which, unfortunately, many do not.


Lipstick is designed for its use for 18 months. He is pretty prime and desirable to store it at temperatures of about 5 degrees. When its possessions are lost, it stays uneven on the lips and drowns them. You can learn about the expired date of using an unpleasant smell.

Mascara will only then be beautiful and spectacular in eyelashes if it is found away from sunlight and lighting devices. He loves the ordinary temperature of the room and makes his eyes more expressive for six months. In many ways, it can lose its possessions faster than anyone else, and it is better to eliminate it after the expired period, otherwise the bacteria appear here, and tend to irritate the mucus membrane.

Cosmetic pencils are also best kept in the room, but so the sun doesn’t fall on them, for 18 months.

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