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In the modern world, fakes are waiting for us almost anywhere, including cosmetics. Often, it’s fake expensive branded makeup.


The result of taking a fake can vary: from simple instability of medicine to severe skin and eye disease, and even anaphylactic shock.

So how do you protect yourself and learn to get to know fakes?

First of all, you need to carefully study how to look at the tool you need on the brand’s official website.


When purchased, you should pay attention to:


1. The packaging.

The product packaging should be neat, not wrinkled, labeled equally. Information about it is written without errors. The mandatory indication of the date of labor, expire date, barcode. You can rub the letters, with expensive branded makeup, they don’t make it easy to leave. The font of spelling is the same in the original.

Also, the color of the package should not vary in color on the official website.

Any product branded is packed with cellophane. Such a protective shell should not form wrinkles or folds.

Usually the original product contains an additional leaflet of information. You can see it by pulling a sticker on the bottom edge.

2. Composition.

The composition on the official website and on packaging should be matched exactly. With any deviations or mistakes by name, you can safely say that it is a fake.

3. Tables of funds

The makers of fake cosmetics often invented new colors and gave them no names and numbers. Compare shades and their names to the official website of the cosmetic brand.

4. The texture.

Ask for a tester. There should be no suspicious offenses, sediment.

The high-quality shadows and blush do not roll or smear, the lipstick will lie equally and not spread, and the mascara is not tightly attached to eyelashes and crumbles.

5. Pay attention to the condition and quality of brushes and sponges.

For fakes, brushes are very different in shape, size, color of the pile, as well as quality. They can skip the skin, severely bath, have a pile glued in different directions and threads

6. Price.

If the price of branded cosmetics is too low, it is a serious reason to think about buying.

7. Purchase place.

The easiest way to avoid fakes is in company stores that value their reputation.

Even better, on the official website of the cosmetic brand, look for information about which stores they work for.

Be careful when buying and deciding early on the tool you want to buy to collect all the information about it.




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