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Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. But even with a growing tummy and other “pregnant specimens”, one wants to stay beautiful and attractive. To improve their appearance, women have long been using cosmetics, but during pregnancy, the requirements for it are rising.

During a child’s taking, a woman’s hormonal background changes, therefore, skin problems, such as increased pigmentation, stretch mark, fatness or dryness, acne, can occur. To eliminate these problems, use creams, tonics, lotion. Especially this is worth paying attention to the skin’s preparation for stretching it to the stomach, chest and hips.

The hair condition changes. Most women remember that they are becoming thicker. However, this happens in other ways around: the hair is more damaged and looks dry. Because of the changes that have taken place, they are advised to choose a new shampoo and balsamic. Some companies are making special series of shampoos for pregnant women.

When choosing any cosmetics during pregnancy, you should pay attention to its composition. It should contain maximum amounts of natural ingredients, desirable without gins and perfume.

During pregnancy, many of the previously used products were best replaced with baby cream, natural oil, herbal preparation and tincture, masks from natural products.

Do not buy cosmetics during pregnancy “in reserve,” due to the constant changes in hormonal in the body, skin condition, hair, nails can also change. Anti-cellulite and cosmetic products for weight loss are not necessary for pregnant women.

You can use decorative makeup for pregnant women. However, you should be more cautious about its composition, life on the shelf. In the area of common, it is better to buy hypoallergenic cosmetics.

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