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When choosing a foundation for sensitive skin, some features should be considered. The cream should mask small wrinkles, redness, not cause skin irritation, and also do not require repeated application throughout the day.

To choose the right cream, you need to check the skin condition. It can be excessively integrated, combined, easy to captain with oil and rashes. A selected cream can help to cope with facial wrinkles, with pale skin color. For a skin face that is easy to captain with oil, a cream with more windy texture is appropriate. The light mousse is perfect even your skin tone, but it cannot be stored in more serious areas of trouble. For skin that’s easy to captain with red, you need to choose a cream with a yellow trend, for pale faces – with a pink trend.

The cream for sensitive skin with a moisturizing effect is suitable for dry skin, easy to cap. It can be a light toning cream without oil and alcohol. The cream with silicone is designed for a thicker coating, even the tone of the skin, hiding darkening the skin. If necessary, hide possible scars, burns, deep cuts to the face, a cream with more intense texture is appropriate, you need to apply fingers to problems in place.

The composition of the creams can include many ingredients: alcohol, talc, all manner of perfumes, essential, mineral oil. The cream for sensitive skin should include sunscreens. An index of at least 15 SPF is fine and protects sensitive skin. For example, the skin is easy to captain with skin, peeling, a cream containing perfume and essential oils – it cannot cause irritation.

When buying cream for sensitive skin, it is important to check the expiration date. Overdue cream can damage sensitive skin. Also don’t buy creams with broken structures. People with sensitive skin should carefully approach the choice of cream.





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