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When choosing the perfect eye shadow, you should understand how different types differ from each other. This is important because the final result of makeup depends on your choice.


Dry shades

In this regard, they are divided into the following subspecies:

– pressed – the most common form, is a thick compact powder;

– The cook is distinguished by the fact that they are made under the influence of high temperatures, because of where they have the most full colors, often with representative and last longer. these same types are applied using a conventional applikator;

– friable – with colored powder in a jar, bright color, with bright and sparkles, has long shelf;


Shadows of liquid

A great advantage of this type is its unstable durability. They are easily and quickly applied, immediately dry (due to water or alcohol content on the base), allowing you to create bright night appearances. But there are also losses. For daily makeup, the liquid shadows won’t work for the following reasons. They really aren’t shade, because they’re dry so quickly. In addition, they create a thin skin film that hardens and drowns in the eye cover. It is best to use such cosmetics for slippery skin. In addition to all of the above, you need to be accustomed to applying lightning speed, otherwise the coating will be uneven.

Shous mousse

The simplest and fastest to apply. They are perfect for everyday makeup. The shade is striking, allowing you to adjust the intensity of color and barely tumble even in the heat. Resistance will ensure the right application: the skin of the eyelids should be clean, and when completed, you should hold your eyes for several seconds until the makeup is completely drowned. They are applied using a soft brush and used very well.

Shadows of pencil

It looks like a regular eyeliner, but thicker and has a softer stylus. Quick and conveniently applied, but for this you have to sacrifice resistance. In addition, it is better not to apply such shadows throughout the eyelid. The best option is to summarise the upper and lower eyelids with subsequent hiding.

Shadows of creamy

Something between dry and liquid species. Usually available on a wax or oil basis, providing a comfortable application, as well as lighting and saturation. Unfortunately, it is undesirable to use in hot weather, because they have an unpleasant possession to drizzle. For the same reason, not recommended for slippery skin of the eyelids. It is best used in winter, in addition to decorative effects, they create additional protection. Apply such shadows on a special basis with a soft brush made of natural hair.

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