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The eyeliners are currently identified by different species, thanks to them you can make the look more attractive and hide some of the shortcomings.

The counter-pencils of all colors, mothers of pearls and mattes are now largely requested. A very important point is the level of the pencil. Soft pencils usually draw bright, full lines. These are particularly suitable for eyeliner. In hard pencils, the lines of fantasy are applied longer.

Compared to pencils, the eyeliner liquids are more durable and provide brighter shade. The shape of the brush is important here. At the stage of mastering the liquid eyeliner, it’s better to choose pens that feel the tip eyeliner is more convenient to use. The brush on this object is already used by more experienced women, because the skills are required to draw a straight line.

The gel’s eyeliners are not prevalent, but they are considered spectacular, because they are different from strong and full colors. The creamy eyeliner is a new phenysix, but they are often used by professional stylists, because these funds are difficult to apply.

The eyeliner-tip pen is convenient to use, it quickly disappears. To get the best lines, it’s worth using a powder agent. The priced eyeliner is applied to the eye cover with a wet brush. This product contains a small amount of wax, so that it can stay on the skin for long periods of time and not be crushed.

Proper eyeliner can help hide different feathers, for example, visually improve close eyes. Draw a thin line from the middle of the century, and then make it thicker, lifting it gently in temples. To draw a wide range of eyes, draw a cyclic black line at the very top of the eyelashes.

To visually enlarge small eyes, start drawing an arrow from the center of the eye cover to the base of eyelashes. Get it around the corner outside and lift it up. To emphasize eye circles, draw a line from the inner corner to the upper eyelid to the outside. Then lift the resulting line to temples, but be careful when the arrow is moved to the corner of the eye. Repeat the action that is below the eye cover.




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