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Skin Protection Guide

Any light is radiation. Sunlight by nature is no different from other species, it also consists of different frequency and length, including ultraviolet radiation – it itself is considered when it comes to protection “from the sun.” In fact, these ultraviolet rays are not an absolute evil, and in small concentrations they are useful – the known vitamin D is better done if you spend a few minutes on day two or three times a week (and not time like everyone else’ in use). At a larger cost, the light of the ultraviolet is harmful – it causes scars, significantly increases the likelihood of skin cancer and accelerates its aging in general.

It is vital, especially in Australia, to have a lifelong protection routine which limits your skin’s exposure to the UV radiation in sunlight. The deleterious effects of UV radiation exposure are cumulative throughout your life meaning that the main cause of skin cancer in later life can often date back to childhood, when the skin is most susceptible to UV radiation damage.

Personal protection routines should comprise use of sunscreens, wearing sun protective clothing, head-wear and eye wear, making optimum use of areas protected by shade or shade cloth and staying out of the sun as much as absolutely possible during its periods of maximum intensity. eg. 11am – 3pm.

1.SPF 30 is right. The 15 are not much worse and 50 is no better.
2.It’s great if the sanxrin tube has ‘UVB’, ‘UVA’, and it contains bisoktrizol.
3.Moisturizers with built-in SPF protect as well as independent sunblocks.
4.Choose hand cream and lip balm, if possible, including SPF (at least 2, at least 10). And use them once every three hours.
5.Using SPF products not only in the summer and not just in sunny weather, you have saved a kitten’s life.
6.On the beach, after every swim or every two hours, re-apply your sunscreen (even if it’s waterproof).
7.Don’t give up on your sunblock just because it’s heavy, sticky, or a little white. This means he is good.
8.Apply it for at least 15 minutes before exiting.
9.And not just on the face, but in all exposed areas of the body.

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