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It is very important to apply properly, because it should look natural, and not like an stretched mask. Tone – it’s a tool that’s hard to do without creating natural makeup! Even the perfect makeup appears to have not ended without tone.

Thus, the tone puts well into smooth skin. So you have to take care of your face – clean your skin twice a week with a scrub. You can add ground coffee to ordinary liquid soap – you get a great scrub at home.


Before applying the tone, wipe the skin of an ice cube, lotion or tonic. It is necessary for the foundation to be equal across the surface of the skin. Then apply a light cream, wait – it should soak. The tonal agent should be selected so that its color is as close as possible to the natural skin color. If it’s not in any way – otherwise it’s necessary to put a tone on the neck, too, otherwise the difference in colour will be very obvious.

Apply a light shade of tone under the eye. Apply it to a damp sponge – so the product takes longer on the skin. Apply a drop of funds under each eye – no more! Next, you need to distribute it to the skin. You can pick up the product containing more pigments from your bags under the eye than your main tone.

Now take the main tone as close as possible to the color of the skin tone. Apply a few drops on the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, gently rub the whole skin. You need to rub it with how much movement – don’t bask the skin! Try not to leave uneven places, visible lines.


The foundation will lie thicker if applied to a sponge. This is more than an option for make-up. The fingers get a thin layer – invisible to the skin. This choice will be desirable for daily makeup, as well as for the skin without visible problems.

Be sure to wait five minutes after applying the tone, then apply the powder. Use a brush made from natural villi. Dab a little powder in the powder.

That’s all – the skin is ready, you can continue applying makeup itself! But the half of the fight is over, of course – an even tone is guaranteed great makeup.

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