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Girls who are worried about any skin problems know how hard it is to mask its defects. To help with such cases came tonal products for skin problems, developed by leading experts in the field of cosmetology.


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The such concept as a “skin problem” is seen by every girl in her own way. For one, it looks like “extra” hair, for another skin covered by acne, for a third, circles under the eyes and enlarged pores. That is why, choosing a foundation, it must be based on specific skin defects. If deficiency is not so important, you can use a pencil correction.


Tonal products for skin problems differ from conventional tonal creams in their composition. They contain special ingredients that are resistant to inflammation in the skin, or substances that have elevated effects. The main advantage of the foundation for skin problems is the ability not only to mask, provide gleaming and matte, but also to heal, improving color.


In the modern cosmetic market, vichy brand products have proven themselves well. The unique pencils of this brand – “Dermabland,” as well as tonal creams for skin problems “Vichy Norma Ton” and “Vichy Norman” are superb.


For minor rashes of acne, the Exofilac foundation, Merck matting cream, and Avene non-greasy texture cream are effective. For thin skin with redness, “Roselyan – tonal care” from Biorga is appropriate. Also, to store the pimples, you can use “Light emulsions without Kuvrans oil” from Avene or “Green-beige Clinton pencil.” This remedy has a double effect: the green half is visually removed redness and has keratolytic effects, and the beige completes the mask.


For owners of luxurious skin where the capillary network’s equals, it’s better to use tonal products that not only create the appearance of healthy skin, but also have therapeutic effects, for example, “Photoderm AR cream SPF 50”. Such creams are applied to the skin either after the main therapeutic agent is applied and absorbed, or in cleaned skin.


Sometimes even a young face seems imperfect due to the lack of an even skin tone. To solve this problem and correct the deficiency, Vichi’s laboratory released the Oligo 25 tinting emulation. It contains mango particles and irritable, which creates the effects of glowing skin.

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