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Every woman dreams of clean, healthy, flawless skin. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses it in nature, so they correct defects using tinting agents. For them to work, they need to be properly selected.


Know the skin tone
The foundation should be chosen only for the tone of your skin. There are 3 main tones: hot, neutral and cold. But there is also a mixture of, for example, neutral cold. To understand the tone of your skin, sit near the light and check your wrists in the light of the sun. It’s great to listen to the opinions of others, because it’s often more visible from the outside. Look at the signs which tone you still have.

Cold skin tone:
1. The roots on the wrist have a blue or purple color.
2. The silver products look better in the skin than gold.
3. In the sun, the skin has a blint tint.
In people with cold skin tones, rose with red veins. The hair is often black, dark brown, ashen or light with a platinum hue. The eyes are blue, gray, green, dark brown. They are cool pink, red, blue, black, yellow. After the tanned, the skin becomes red, and a few moments later a tint of brass gets.

The Neutral Skin Tone:
1. The roots on the wrist have a blue-green tint.
2. Both silver and gold look great on the skin.
3. In the sun, the skin has a sweet tint.
If you can’t determine whether your skin is hot or cold, it’s likely to be the neutral tone.

Hot skin tone:
1. The roots on the wrist have green or olive hues.
2. Gold looks better on the skin than silver.
3. In the sun, the skin has a light yellowish tint.

To those with bright tones, yellow shade with green roots. Often haired with a red tint, dark red, warm brown and golden colour, light with gold tint. Brown eyes with yellow stripes, gray. They come in brown, warm greens, cream, bricks, coral, terracotta color. After the tanned, the skin becomes yellow-brown, often with an olive tint.
Sometimes a tone of olive oil. It is considered extreme in hot colors. In such a skin, yellow and green tone dominates.


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