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how to draw Strong nail polish method

The sturdy nail polish is possible, especially if we choose our enamel well and know how to apply it. We’ll find some tricks so that the nails stay perfect for longer, avoiding breaks that make the manicure dull even though it was yesterday.

Have a long nail polish is a manicure lover’s dream. Not only do you need to know how to make a manicure, but there are also excellent raw materials and the best cosmetics to longer the nail. So you can wear perfect nails longer without having to touch them or worry about chips that appear occasionally.


It is important that between enamel and enamel we managed to make a break so that the nails would recover and so they wouldn’t break, something really important as well, otherwise not all polish in the world would get us beautiful nails. Between polish and polish you can wait a few days, to recover the nails. Use olive oil to hydrate them and keep strong, because the oil provides vitamins.

If you do this you always have strong nails that cannot be damaged or laminated.


Put a starting book

Put a starting book , In caring for and treating nails we’re good at using a starting book before the usual polish as well. This kind of base helps us to protect the nail and to fix the enamel that we wear next. The starting book also helps us so that nails don’t take strange colors, because if they are porous they end up getting tones or shades because of the impact of the enamels, depending on the quality of them and the quality of our nails.


How to paint nails

One of the things you should know is it’s really good to apply two passes to the nails, but they should be thin. That is, it’s better to apply the enamel twice with small products than once there are many, because many products take time to dry and break it before, the more vulnerable it is to rubbing and breaking. Finally, you can add a top layer of enamel coat because it will also help to provide some glow and improve the finish. The steps are very simple and that’s why you should consider that you need to add a small enamel to each pass and allow it to dry dry up completely between passes.


Use top coat

If you see the nails have gone out of the brightest or may have been damaged, you can do something so simple that they can last for a few more days. You can apply another thin layer of top coat to them. They will bring the color back to shine and protect them a little more. This is a very simple way to make polish more durable throughout the day to avoid redeiding the nails.


Choose enamel carefully

Another thing that’s important for the enamel to be stable is that it’s a good quality enamel. The cheap nail polish may look good in the early days but they break faster and tend to lose their glow. So the nails seemed to have been broken for many days, allowing us to paint them again. The perfect is buying a quality nail polish or also a polish of gel, because they will take a few weeks intact. These poles are stronger and will last longer than our nails. This is an investment that will allow us to enjoy the perfect nails for longer.




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