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If you decide to build yourself beautiful nails, you’ll likely find trouble choosing a material: gel or acrylic. Depending on your decision, the construction of the starting material will be done in a variety of ways.




If you prefer the gel, you should remember that there are two types – light-sensitive and light-insensitive gels.

The dry photosensitive gel only in an ultraviolet lamp. The mechanism of UV exposure is as follows: the component of the starting content in the gel begins to be active under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Process of glue

gel molecules, and, as a result, solidification of the material.



Please note that the gels of a manufacturer should be dry using UV lamps of the same manufacturer, because of the lack of power of radiation the nails can be sticky, and excessive – cooked.


If you are allergic to ultraviolet, then this drying method is not suitable for you. In any case, it is necessary to conduct a trial to learn about a possible reaction. If the allergies happened, use a gel that stared without exposure to the light.


Light-incentive gels are hardened under the influence of an active ingredient. They are a cyclists and viscous monomer cyanoacrylate. To make the gel harder, a catalyst (relatively small drop) is applied using a brush across the nail surface with thin layers. It can be sprayed if it is in the form of a spray, or equally distributed by destroying a tube.


Among the variety with gels that are hardened in ordinary water. Using such a gel for moulding, you just need to lower your hands in cool water for 5-7 minutes. Dry your nails and apply a layer. Whatever way you build, an experienced master will create a real masterpiece in your hands, admiring everything around you.

Pay attention

The Acrylic has advantages over the gel: more durable, easily removed (melted into a special solution). The main plus is that it is dry in the air or has a regular 60 W lamp. True, this substance smells bad before hardening.

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