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The face serum is no longer a new makeup product. The cream is less effective here. After all, most of the formulas of the serums are based on water, and it’s a better conductor than oil. But you need to use these makeup properly.



Teaching manual


It is believed the skeleneck can be applied only under the cream. But it really needs to be read the composition. If the serum has antioxidant ingredients (free radical fighting), protection of spF, then it is an analogue of cream and can be used on its own.


Not necessarily to choose the sucker, which is an important focus and applied under the cream, without possessing protective characteristics, by the type of skin. The texture of such a tool is universal. But it is necessary to study the composition of the product and the spectrum of its action. Choose a skeletal, considering the needs of the skin and the desired results – moisturizing, resistance to acne, wrinkles or nutrition.


Apply this product after cleaning and toning. It is not necessarily to rub it diligently, expanding into the skin. Gently drive the the luck with your fingers. If it is not an independent product, wait until the composition is absorbed and the cream is applied.


Classic luck is an intense product. Use his courses. Apply for a month 1-2 times a day. Perform such courses 3-4 times a year. If there are different skin problems, you can apply serums with different side effects to turn or apply them simultaneously locally – in areas where necessary.


When choosing a sneeze, consider not just the needs of the skin. Follow the principle of seasonal, using only the product in the recommended time. Thus, the serums with certain substances, for example, retinol and glycolic acid, can make the skin easier to cap on the sun, such products cannot be used in spring and summer. And antiseptic products are not suitable for use in the cold, because they dried the skin.

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