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Macadamia oil was extracted from the fruit of a large Proteus family tree. This tool is valued in medicine, cosmetology and cooking. Macadamia’s birthplace is Australia, but now it has grown in Brazil, South America and South Asia. This nut oil is added to cosmetics, it helps with skin diseases, strengthens the heart and normalizes metabolism.

The composition of this healing miracle includes many acids: linoleic, stearic, oleic, palmitoleic. The oil is rich in cachetins, protein, B vitamins, phytosterols.

Macadamia Oil Facial

Macadamia oil is applied to the face in a pure form. Using it, moisturize the skin around the eyes, lips and neck. Macadamia oil for the face is mixed with eter: avocado, jojoba, rose hip, apricot and almond.

This tool is a real find for aging and dry skin. It will protect the face from the aggressive effects of the environment, smooth wrinkles, restore elasticity and tone. With its help, it is possible to eliminate peeling, hyperpigmentation and irritation. And if you mix macadamia nut oil with chamomile or lavender eter, you get an effective product of day protection.

The use of oil for hair care

Macadamia oil for hair is used in pure form or added to balmy and shampoos. It nourishes the skin, makes the hair submissive, improves its elasticity and strengthens it. This remedy is also effectively fighting against the plot.

It is used in its pure form: some drops are applied to wet hair before glee. Once in two weeks you can make a hair mascara: apply clean oil or mix it with ethereal dry hair, cover your head with a film and a towel, rinse after 60 minutes.

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