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The green eyes have long attracted a masculine look with their mystery and mystery. However, in order to make the appearance more open and attractive, it should be emphasized with proper makeup. This is especially true in makeup of the night, if we want to impress others.


You’ll need

  • – shadow of the eye of green, memeralda and deep blue;
  • – Shades or highlighters;
  • – an eyeliner of colored esmeralda;
  • – black mask;
  • – based under the shade

Teaching manual


Before applying makeup, you must make sure the skin of the eyelids is dry, otherwise the shadow will not last. If there are cream recipes on the eye cover, then powder it and wait a minute so that the excess moision will absorb. Now you can start applying the base under the shadows, which will expand the durability of the makeup and make the shades more full. If you don’t have a base under the shadow, then you can use your tonal remedies instead.


In a wet brush, the inner corner of the eye lights and the place under the eyebrows with shadows of mother-of-pearl or higher light. By moving the eyelids, apply shades of green, better matte – they will serve as the base colour. Divide the mind into two parts. In the first half, add colours using the shadows of the sherloh. In the second – we apply the blue tone of any subtone, however, deeper the colour, the better.


For greater depth and expression of the view, we lighten the outer corner of the eye and the eyelid fold with black or dark gray shadows. Carefully blend the shadows, leading to the brush with a fixed eyelid. Don’t try to mix the colours out loud, we just need to hide the moves between them.


We draw a line of lower eyelash growth with a pencil mercury. If such shade is not available, then it is better to use the shadows of the same shade. To create the integrity of makeup, do the small black arrow or dark gray shadows used to darken and draw it to the lower eyelid, going to the line of the eyelids growing.


We just need to dye eyelashes with black mask. For such a bright accent make-up better use mascara that gives volume strength. But the lower cilia can be extended by the appropriate mask. From here, the movement appears even more and all night will attract the eyes of interested men.

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