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The expression on a woman’s face depends on proper eye makeup. Makeup needs to be devoted enough time to make it beautiful. Don’t paint your eyes easily.


To create beautiful eyebrows, use creek. Always pluck separately with the hairs growing apart. Use a pencil or eye shadow to color your eyebrows. The advantage of the shadows is with their help you can make eyebrows vibrant.

The next stage of makeup is eyeliner. The line should go from the inner corner of the eye to the outside and gradually thicken. You can draw that line with a pencil or liquid eyeliner. To smooth the eyeliner, you need to fix the hand. Place your elbow on the table, for example. Bring your eyes close to the eyelash line as much as possible. The successful drawn line makes the look deep and memorable.

If you want to make your appearance blurred and playful, before applying mask, use eyelash curlers.

The eye allows you to look beautifully to clear the color of the eyes. Before applying shadows, always degrege the eyelids. Place a small loop on a cotton pad and wipe it with eyelids. So the shadows and eyeliners will fall equally and there are no bald places. If you’re using a foundation for eye vision, apply it throughout the eye cover: to the eyebrow. It even the skin well. Therefore, the shadows are in the eyes, not sliding.

If you need to adjust the shape of the eyes, you are advised to use three shades of shadow: highlight, transitional tone and dark tone. For the eyes with overhanging eyelids, the method of applying the shadows is this: put a highlight under the eyebrow and includes the line of upper eyelashes. Apply a transitional tone from eyelashes to the very eyebrow. Next, apply a dark tone in the middle of the eye and switch. You need to stop almost the eyebrow. Apply dark shadows under lower eyelashes. Don’t use dark colors for the whole century, because your eyes are heavier.


To keep your eyelashes soft and thick, dust them before applying the mascara.


With a wide range of eyes, apply a highlight under the eyebrow. In a transitional tone, cover the moving eyelids from the outer corner of the eye to the interior. Allowed to apply a few layers to deepen color. Apply a dark tone to the outer corner of the eye and the eyelid crease. Mark with dark shadows line the lower eyelashes. Save well.

The eyes of the convex are standing against the background of the face. Therefore, for them, there is also a special make-up. Apply a highlight under the eyebrow. Put the transitional tone in a moved and irrational eyelid. Now walk dark shadows along with moving eyelids from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. Be sure to apply a shadow to the eyelid crease. Then mark the line of lower eyelashes. It’s not worth highlighting the eyelids, because from here the eyes will become even more intense. The darker shade in the eyelids, the fewer eyes appear.

With a deep set of eyes, apply a glare to the eyelid crease. Place a transitional tone from the crease of the eye cover to the eyebrow. Apply a dark shade to the outer corner of the eye, as well as in line with lower eyelashes. Dark makeup is not suitable for such eyes. Try, in contrast, to lighten the eyelids. Make eyeliner as close to eyelashes as possible.

Finished eye makeup with mascara. Position the brush horizontally and make zigzag movements. Tint eyelashes from the roots to tips.

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