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R&D and Sampling


There are different ways for you to ask the factory to make the samples as your preference.


●Offer a counter sample to the factory ~
If you have a preferred product, you can ask the factory to imitate the feature of the product and make a sample for your reference in advance. However, cosmetics and skin care products are complexes of multiple ingredients, it will not be easy to find out the percentage of the formula by just testing the product directly. Generally speaking, the factory will make the sample by referring to the ingredient list showing on the packing, the texture from the appearance and the function of the product. Then, they will assign a professional R&D to make it and meet your expectation as much as possible.


●Inform the marketing appeal you prefer to the factory ~
The factory will make the sample as the product appeal, color and the scent you expect. For example, if you would like to make a moisture serum. And the appeal of the product is simply nature, no paraben, added with hyaluronic acid, added with lavender scent, and with light texture, etc. Then, you can ask STYLE BEAUTY GROUP CO., LTD. to make a perfect moisture serum sample according to your request.



●Good formula offered by the factory directly ~
Find an experienced factory with good formula, and ask them to offer you the sample for approval directly. For example, if you would like to make a changing-color lipstick, then, you can ask STYLE BEAUTY GROUP CO., LTD. which has abundant experience for manufacturing changing-color lipsticks for you. And STYLE BEAUTY GROUP CO., LTD. will then offer him some popular formula for selection.



●Good formula offered by the factory directly ~
You can ask the factory to make the production for you directly if you have the experience of producing the item or have the ability to make the formulation by yourself. In this case, STYLE BEAUTY GROUP CO., LTD. will just offer you the pre-production samples according to the proportion of the formula you offer and make some adjustment if it is necessary.




Because of the particularity of the packaging manufacturing process, the mold or the film will have to be opened if you want it to meet your expectation. Most of the packaging suppliers will just offer the samples without printing for customers’ reference. Generally, you will have to pay for the sample fee if you want to have a packaging with your logo printing. And the cost may vary from factory to factory. It is subject to the quotation of each factory.


*Few things you need to pay attention to before you pay for the samples on either the formula or the packaging.

●How many times you can make changes on the samples after paying the sample fee on the same item for one time?
●How many pieces you can have for the sample offering each time? And how long will it take for sample making?
●Will there be a refund on the sample charge when there is a formal order?
●Please be sure to communicate with the factory in advance for every detail. And before you sign the agreements, be sure to read the details on the quotation or the purchase order carefully in case of unnecessary disputes in the future.



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