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Perhaps each girl visits a cosmetologist’s office or goes for a facial cosmetic procedure. There are some secrets before going to the beautician.


As a rule, an appointment with a cosmetologist to clean the face is carried out early in days or even weeks, so it is likely that during the course of going to the cosmetologist, not all areas of problem in the form of pimples are visible or ready to be removed. To clean your face with maximum benefits, follow only a few simple tips.

To not enter a situation when the pimples are not ripe before cleaning, there is a simple secret. At night, on the eve of a visit to a cosmetologist, before bed, you should carefully treat unholy or subcutaneous acne with yodo. Iodine will contribute to their rapid maernation and in the morning the problems that the cosmetologist will solve will become more unique, and their departure will be less painful. The very Iodine was smashed overnight, so you shouldn’t worry about softening the skin.

Another secret is that on the eve of a visit to a cosmetologist, you shouldn’t use those products to temporarily mask the problem, it will only create a busy time of cleaning.

You also need to remember that you shouldn’t squeeze yourself pimples for at least three days before going to a cosmetologist, but better it can’t.

Before visiting a beautician, it is recommended to be squeezed out of the makeup, as it applauds the pores.

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