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These hormonal cosmetics get popular every day. Someone talks about him as a miracle miracle, the purpose of which is to lift the skin, while a person does not trust him, asking his salvation, in all ways restricting its use.


Most people who use hormone-based cosmetics at least once said with certainty that she had many benefits she could boast of other remedies. The first thing that brings a positive reaction from consumers is an intensive skin cooling and the effective removal of wrinkles. But getting the expected result usually doesn’t come soon, it takes several hours – some weeks. The most significant effect of cosmetics on hormones can be followed after three months, at least.

These hormonal cosmetics are great help to those with severe skin problems. It successfully removes all types of inflammation, and also helps reduce acne foe. The fears that these smallest parts fall into the bloodshed are unfounded. It’s completely wrong. The main ingredients of cosmetics, called phytohormones, are not able to penetrant skin cells, therefore, they also do not enter blood vessels.

In the female body, the ability to produce an important sex hormone, estrogen, decreases with age, which leads to a deterioration in the hair and skin condition. Therefore, cosmetics are usually anti-aging.

The most common reason for negative behavior in such cosmetic products is that most of its preparations are based on hormones of the animal. Know that, in addition to positive side effects, they also have side effects on the skin condition. Sometimes, using this medicine, people with healthy skin may suffer the opposite. The skin can no longer get better, but instead, it gets a number of defects, such as rosacea or anemia. It is also possible to look at symptoms of premature skin aging, an increase in skin hair levels. One should be careful: not just the skin, but the whole organism as a whole can suffer.

To prevent this, you should not regularly use hormonal cosmetics. Do not forget that these substances have a number of similar characteristics of hormones that hide different glands of the human body. The worst of all this can lead to a metabolic disorder, the result of which excessive removal of subcutaneous fat, which is naturally visible negatively.

Adding hormones in many countries in the world is prohibited at legislative levels, since the body that receives hormones from the outside cannot make them alone. It requires an ongoing new dose.

Especially the effects of cosmetics are affected by internal organs responsible for hiding. The roots of some of these may be impaired by the use of medicines. In rare cases, they can lead to the worst – oncological diseases. Cosmetics produced based on plant hormones are not dangerous to use, but in some cases they can cause allergies.




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