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Modern women, who believe in advertising, often buy all the cosmetics in order, not really knowing whether they need it or not. And thus they form the dressing table and shelves in the pales of the bathroom jars, pipes, bubbles. In serious cases, it will form an unpleasant phenomenon as cosmetology.

Women are trying to look perfect at all costs. They are ready to take a lot of time to perform horrible procedures for slimity and weight loss, give themselves under the knife of a plastic surgeon, go through all sorts of cosmetic and cosmetic experiments. Needless to talk about ordinary cosmetics – for a new effective anti-wrinkle remedy, women are ready to go to the other end of the city and pay any crazy money for it. And well – if this tool comes easy to use.

At the same time, women understand that with all this money spent on unnecessary cosmetics, one can buy something more profitable and useful, but still – on a day they go to the store for another new product from a popular brand. This condition was called by psychologists as a cosmetic disruption, and the yellow press called it an easier and capaciously cosmetic holism.


How to understand what makes makeup

Cosmetic disturbances, like any other abnormal psychological condition, have their own characteristics. Let’s talk about them. After all, understanding your turmooility is the first step to eradicating it.

If a woman depends heavily on cosmetics, her morning begins with the classification of jars and tubes, and applying rich makeup and other repair methods. It seems – what’s so bad about it? A woman should take care of herself. But there is an important “but.” A woman who relies on psychological conviction in cosmetics will never go anywhere without makeup. Even for bread. Even take out the trash. Such women are afraid that someone from their friends will see them without a typical make-up. And strangers in general will be judged and say that this woman does not know how to take care of herself and take care of herself. A woman who finds herself on the network of cosmetics is losing the concept of natural beauty and, if she suddenly forgets lipstick or powder at home, she will make a big capital with tears and solemn sadness.

Comedians barely leave beauty salons and that’s where they took part in the lion’s share of their income, trying to use all the institutional services and also not thinking about their vulnerability and even more without thinking that the family budget is suffering because of these costs.

A woman’s dressing table that depends on makeup looks like a counter in a cosmetic hypermarket – there’s an arsenal of creams, tonics, varnish, lipstick, lotion. Such a gin, if you go to the store for a lipstick, leaves the market with a pile of bags and sachets, and in either of them you can see mountains of new makeup.

The woman was not a shampoo, but five or fifteen, the number of lipsticks exceeded a hundred, and the mask was all rainbow colors. If a woman notices at least one of the signs above, it means it’s time to eradicat the cosmetic disturbation. How to do it – read below.

Resisting the dysprity of makeup is not an easy task. And it’s very important to take the first and forefront step – to recognize very hope. Once you do, you can continue the next step – following a cosmetic diet.

Start by sitting down and thinking about what you want. Perhaps you’re dreaming of a new fur coat or an ultra-powerful vacuum cleaner, or do you want to enjoy yourself with some kind of jewelry? Here’s about this dream of you and always remember if you want to pick up the next jar of cream from the cosmetic market shelves and put it in the shopping basket. And don’t say that cosmetics are within the budget, and there is no fur coat. Before claiming it, take a piece of paper or a calculator and estimate your cosmetic costs for years. After such calculations, it would be easier for you to realize that you had been throwing money for years, buying all the cosmetics in order.



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