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One of the latest changes in the market for skin care products is hydrophilic oils. Millions of women fell in love with them because of a lack of side effects and the ability to remove even the most recurring makeup. Hydrophilic oil is used as a servant to eliminate makeup and improve skin condition.


Hydrophilic oil is extracted by combining mineral (or cosmetic) oil with an emulsifier. Vitamins, extracts of plants, acids, and so on may be additional ingredients.

The word hydrophilic itself can literally be translated as “loving water.” In fact, hydrophilic oils should be washed water, under the influence of a liquid that becomes an emulation directly into the skin.

They are intended for deep cleaning pores and are suitable for all skin types, but especially for slippery and problemat. It’s a well-known fact that such can melt in such a way. This principle applies to oils. When applied, hydrophilic oil is mixed with sebum. After adding water, when the product is converted into an emulsion, the same sebum is melted and then rinsed. At the end of the procedure, you should use a special gel or bubble for washing.

Hydrophilic oils help fight things like acne, enlarged pores, comedones, etc. They also found the application in the massage; some women are adding a few drops to the bath.

Unfortunately, while it is almost impossible to find hydrophilic oil on the market in categories of low prices. However, if desired, such oil can be prepared with your own hands. To do this, you need to buy Polysorbate – a natural emulsifier in the online store. As a rule, polysorbates are sold under the functioning name “TWO.” Polysorbate should be mixed with ordinary oil (olive, macadamia, argan, avocado or anything else) at a ratio of 1: 8.

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