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The choice of hygienic cosmetics on store shelves can impress even the richest imaginations. Manufacturers offer solid and liquid soap, shower gels with a variety of aroma, additives, associated with almost miraculous properties in their products. Some consumers make choices based solely on personal preferences, while others carefully weigh all the advantages and weaknesses of shower gels and ordinary soaps.

From what, from what

The characteristics of shower gels and soap are determined by variations in their compositions. The basis of the same agent is the surfactants (detergents). The content of the soap detergents is higher, therefore it has higher washing ability, which means better removing dirt, sweat, and serum from the skin.

Ordinary soap, as a rule, is made from natural vegetables or animal fat (recently, vegetable oils are used mainly for making soap) or from substitutes of fat, alkalis, spices (tablespoons of salt), stabilizers, various additives designed to increase foaming. Also in soap are added flavors, antiseptics, gin, emollients and moisturizer, preservatives that increase the shelf life of the product. However, without all these additives, the soap, made up only of alkaline salt-medicines of fatty acid, has high cleaning properties.

These shower gels are often made based on synthetic detergents – laury sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate. The chemical composition of these gels is often more complicated than the composition of soap, but the content of the alkali among them is lower, which means the effect of these products on the skin is less aggressive. In addition, manufacturers typically try to mitigate the effect of at least a small amount of alkali on gels with the help of special additives, including siriko acid.




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