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Before you make a design on the packing, you will need a trademark. A logo is a must if you want to create a new brand. This logo will be seen on the packaging, packing, sales channels, and even the social media. Therefore, it is very important to find a good designer to do brand image and visual design for you. Once the logo is designed, do not forget to keep your right up. Please send the trademark application to the authority. For example, if you are in Taiwan, please send the application to Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO). Here is the link for your reference. Likewise, if you want to export your goods abroad, please check the regulation and requirement in that country in advance. By doing so, you can avoid wasting your time. If you are not familiar with the registration of trademarks, you can consult a trademark agent to do the application for you.


Most of the printing factories offer the quotation according to clients’ artwork. It is necessary for you to have a rough concept of designs if you want to have a detailed offer. You can ask a professional printing factory to make designs on the logo printing of packaging and color box on the selected ones for you directly. Certainly, you may also ask the supply chain to offer you the die-cut, and send it to your preferred designer for making the artwork, too.


Basically, for the printings, the printing factory will only offer digital printing for clients’ proofing and approval before making the film. There are many factors that affect the price of outer packing, such as materials, quality of paper, thickness, size, shape, printing colors, quantity and if there is any special treatment as hot stamping, embossed or UV added.



Approval of PP Samples & Arrangement of Mass Production

Once the formula, packaging and outer packing are decided, the factory will send you the final pp samples for approval. And the mass production will be proceeded according to the pp samples you approved.



Few things you need to pay attention to before you sign the contract

(Check through the remarks on the sales contract. Consult with the factory if there is any questions. Ensure the rights from both sides in advance and try to avoid unnecessary dispute in the future)

●How long will the lead time be? What the trade term is?
●What the payment term is? (How much should be paid for the deposit? When will the balance have to be paid?)



Congratulations! You can launch your products now.

After having the final finished products from the factory, be sure to check the quantity and inspect the goods immediately. If there is any questions on the products, contact with the factory for assistance immediately, too.







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