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Redness helps refresh the face and good emphasis on cheekbones. To make them look impressive, choose the right color and texture. Don’t limit yourself to a box for all occasions – with your personal cosmetic arsenal you should have plenty of options for redness.

On sale you can find redness of different types – powder, cream, gel, fluid. For slippery skin, the liquid tints are fine – they don’t contain oils and not clog pores. For dry skin, the soft blush of cream is met, while the powder is suitable for normal. The product of the gel is global – good for any type of skin. There are more original forms – for example, blush on a stick or colored powder deposited in pieces of waxed paper.
Choosing redness also depends on your makeup artist skills. It’s easier for starters to use blush of powder – applying them using a brush and easy shade without forming stains. More experience is appropriate to fund with a gel or cream. The liquid product was confronted with advanced users. Strokes applied by a tint must be shaded very quickly and accurately, otherwise the stripes will remain in the face.
Choose the right shade – it depends on the color of your skin. The dark brown tan is suitable for orange-brown gamma, white skin – soft pink-lilac. Redness can be considered universal. By good shading, they will make the effect of a healthy face, which is smashed in the cold.
Choosing color also depends on how you want to use blush. To refresh the face, fit a red pink gamut. To emphasize cheekbones, highlight the shape of the chin and hide the chubby cheeks, use a beige, brick or brown shade. Please remember that dark blush should be shade especially careful so that the face does not look clean.
Pay attention to the choices in as many colors – look as natural as possible and provide excellent coverage for experiments with makeup. Such redness can be decorated with a stick or pressed into a box. Usually, the three shades are connected to the package, but sometimes their numbers reach 4 and even up to 5. The colors can be mixed into a box or directly to the skin. Sometimes the blush makers combine with a bronzer or highlighter.
For holiday makeup, choose a shimmering blush. Tiny gold sparkles add volume to cheekbones and shimmers beautifully under artificial lighting. The blush with soft satin sheen is more suitable for the day. Matt’s options are good for sculpting.
To make no mistake, carefully test the redness before buying. Get a brush from home – along with this you can apply the product you like to cheekbones or back your hand. Check the applied shade under artificial and natural light. Appreciate not only the color, but also the durability of a redness. Also consider aroma – the harsh perfume can anger and cause allergies. A quality product is mild smell, slightly noticeable.

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