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make-up for skin color


white skin

if you use a product that is too strong in color when expressing your skin,

as it may look stained, it is possible skin tone

i use the makeup base of soft white and the transparent color

the foundation is light beige and the foundation which light pink turns around

expresses skin brightly. concealer is a ton lighter than foundation, and it is highlighted.

finish with clear powder or powder with light peach color to add complexion

it is recommended to give a point to lips


yellow skin

a pink or mauve makeup base or finish powder

it is good to choose mauve. natural beige powder is a must

concealer is always more than your chosen foundation or skin color.

use a bright concealer for a ton or two. green on yellow skin

if you misuse yellow or gold colors, you can look yellower

the ball touch is more pink than pure orange, even if it is orange

peach color is good


red skin

a blue or green makeup base and beige foundation,

in light beige or a colored concealer of the colored color with yellow

after modifying the skin tone, the powder is also beige with yellow

it looks calm and clean when finished

the pink doda which turns orange and peach to a ball was slightly added to purple

for a cool feeling, the pink lip is a little ice pink color and a feeling of pearl

the added lip gloss is good

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