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The wrong skin care method you know



don’t spray water mist

commonly used watermarks do not provide enough moisture to the inside of the skin. rather, the sprayed moisture flies, making the skin drier. when the skin is pulled, it is better to apply a small amount of moisture lotion to the palm of your hand, as if it were a vivine and then wrapped around your face.


don’t do it twice a day for foam cleansing.

using a foam cleanser twice a day can cause severe skin irritation. not only waste products, but also skin barriers are washed away. in the evening, wash the maycup with water only in the morning, even if it is washed double to clear it.


don’t mistake it for foam cleansing alone to remove makeup

even if only the powder is applied, makeup residue remains in the pores. it is important to remove even residues in pores with cleansing creams, lotions, and dedicated removers. if washed multiple times with foam, makeup may be removed with the naked eye, but the residue in the pores remains intact. rather, only the keratin of the skin can be removed excessively, irritating the skin. be sure to use a oily cleanser such as cream or oil and wash your face with a foam cleanser once.


don’t go around with a pack on your face.

if you do something else with a pack on your face, the weight of the pack can cause your skin to sag. the pack time is not more than 20 minutes, but rather a comfortable laying back and relaxing.


cleansing cream don’t rub too long

cleansing creams are aimed at removing impurities. if you rub for a long time, massage your face with makeup waste.


don’t pat the lotion.

unless you are a gel-type moisturizing toner, it is not a good idea to apply a regular water type lotion to the palm of your hand and pat it on the skin to absorb it. the lotion is the finish of cleansing, so it should be moistered and wiped on a cotton pad to remove any makeup residue.


don’t comb it often.

in the case of long hair, it is said that the hair is shiny if it is combed before self for a long time, but this is the story of the time when the hair was wrapped once a month. if you frequently comb the weakened hair with a firm and color, the hair will be cut off and more rusty.


don’t shampoo with hot water

if you rinse with hot water when shampooing, it can be washed up to the oil leaf, which keeps the scalp healthy, causing dandruff. when the hair becomes rough and loose, the hair follicles can widen and bring hair loss. i make a habit of rinsing with lukewarm water below body temperature


don’t let your scalp dry naturally.

after shampooing, the scalp should be dried quickly so that it does not cause trouble and remains healthy. even the scalp is dried with a dryer after shampooing because it is directly related to the health of the hair.


sunscreen, don’t rub it.

when sunscreen is rubbed, it is not well applied to the skin due to the chemical properties of the blocking ingredient. it is natural that the sun protection effect is reduced. if you want to apply sunscreen effectively, absorb enough skin and lotion, then pat the sunscreen with a small amount and apply it several times thicker.


don’t use all lines as sunscreen-containing products.

if you apply a sunscreen in the morning at once, the skin is not only irritated by the blocking component, but also the only sunscreen is applied, and there is no significant functional difference. an effective use is to apply sunscreen in the morning and then reapply several times in the afternoon.


don’t apply a lot of eye cream.

it is forbidden to apply a lot of eye cream to prevent the drying of the eyes that are prone to fine lines. if you apply a lot of eye cream, more than necessary, the eyes will be swollen. take a drop of your finger, apply it from around the bottom of the eye, and apply the remaining extra to the eyelids.


don’t put a mask pack right on your face.

when you attach a pack directly to the bare face, it asks if it is fine dust on your face. wipe off once with a cotton pad, massage lightly with the extra essence left in the pack, and then attach the pack. it absorbs well and multiplies the effect.


don’t apply a lot of basic products.

before applying base makeup, the desire to “apply a lot of basic products will make you wear makeup well”, but in this case, makeup may be pushed or lifted. skin, lotion and essence are applied in an appropriate amount to hydrate.

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