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To find out what decorative makeup is, you need to be familiar with what is intended for and what is used. To properly use makeup, you need to know the rules for applying makeup.


Makeup as a way of decorating the look has long been known. With this, you can emphasize the most attractive features, reduce skin appearance problems, and ease the disagreement of the proportions of the face. The ways in which disguises are masked are called decorative makeup. It can be used not only for the face, but also for other parts of the body.

Cosmetics are designed to improve appearance and create an image that is most relevant at one time or another in life. There are different styles of makeup: day, night, wedding, “cat”, etc There are rules for applying it or that product to the skin, a best order of action is developed that allows you to achieve the best results.

Types of makeup


– powder;

– barnice for nails and hair;

– shadows or shiny shadows;

– lipstick and lip gloss;

– different creams and masks.

By using any of these tools, you should follow simple rules: avoid excess and work hard for naturality. A man’s desire to decorate himself has led to the emergence of an entire industry that makes decorative cosmetics. Over time, some well-known companies have specialized in making cosmetic products and have gained a great reputation for the quality of their products.

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